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2002 Biochem Established and start to produce fine chemicals in Taihei;

2007 Joint venture with QVT Strategy in APIs/FPP both China & Global market,esp Anti-Viral;

2008 Obtained 1st API CMP Certificate at Taihe site (old) ;

2008 Acquisition of FPP plant in Hefei;

2010 1st CPP of Lamivudine tab in China;

2012 Establishment new API site at current location in Taihe;

2014 API registered in Brazil (Anvisa);

2014 FPP GMP insepection by Namibia;

2015 Starting with WHO PQ both APIs and FPP;

In 2016, passed the on-site audit of the WHO's PQ and obtained WHO GMP certification;

In 2017, obtained the authorization of the World Pharmaceutical Patent Pool in the series of anti-AIDS drugs;

In 2018, the China-Africa Health Industry Alliance of CABC was established by the China-Africa Civil Chamber of Commerce. Chairman Wang Zhibang was elected as the first president.